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Generation Zombie CBT Just Launched!

9/14/2023 5:00:35 PM

Generation Zombie just launched a 2 week CBT (beta test), from September 14 to 28 (US PDT)! Players across the globe can head to the Google Play Store to download and pla

Ragnarok Origin 4th Class Update

9/11/2023 7:47:53 PM

Greetings, Midgardians! Prepare yourselves for an epic adventure as Ragnarok Origin unveils an exciting new chapter in its legendary saga. We are thrilled to announce the

August Warp Portal Bonus Point Promotion!

8/23/2023 4:45:48 PM

Greetings Warp Portal fans! We’re offering a bonus Warp Portal point promotion to end the month of August! From August 22nd through August 31st, get 15% extra point

ALTF42, the Hit Permadeath Platformer, is Inviting Everyone to a Challenge!

8/18/2023 11:22:37 AM

❗️Calling All Challengers and Gamers ‼️ #ALTF42 is having a TikTok Challenge! ALTF42 is a PC permadeath platformer that puts your skills and patience to the test! This ch